Chewbacca Mask Video is Demeaning, says Wookie Activist


Chewbacca costume

A 35-year-old wookie from Basingstoke has complained to Facebook for its demeaning depiction of his species.

Equal rights campaigner Graham Chesterton has been calling for the now infamous Chewbacca Lady Mask Video to be taken down, despite it amassing more than 150 million views on Facebook.

Chesterton claims the video depicts his race as monosyllabic fools whose only real talent is to communicate through the art of the tilted head.

Chesterton said: “Being a wookie in modern Britain is not easy. We can’t fit through doors, we can’t find clothes that fit and you try finding a barber when you look like this.

“Just when I thought we’d made real progress in society, this lady from America sets our cause back 20 years. The video isn’t funny because it’s not even remotely accurate.

“Just the other day, I was lying by a fire in a famous ski resort hotel. Some idiot just came over and lay right on me. He must have thought I was a rug or something. We’re subjected to this discrimination on a daily basis.

“Wookies are intelligent, eloquent people who now hold positions of responsibility all over the galaxy. Earth needs to start living in the 21st century. We’re either depicted as lumbering idiots in science fiction movies or sex objects in niche porn.”

Facebook have confirmed that they will not be removing the Chewbacca video, but they have allowed Mr Chesterton to start a Page entitled ‘Wookie’s Against Racism’.