Woman Who Refuses to Agree That EU is Undemocratic Believes Australia is Part of Britain


A woman in Dartford who refuses to believe the EU is an undemocratic superstate has taken to social media to insist that Australia belongs to Britain.

23-year-old Wendy Solomon is a part-time teacher and environmentalist who has become embroiled in a bitter war of words on Twitter over the EU’s democratic credentials.

Despite having a degree in politics, Solomon insists that laws from Brussels are made by people we elect. She is also insistent that we can simply vote out the European bureaucrats who force unwanted laws onto British people.

But in a startling series of angry Twitter exchanges with several of her critics, Solomon tried to make the point that Australia is ‘owned by the UK’.

She said: “Of course Australia is British. It’s got a little Union Jack on its flag, and everyone there speaks British. They drink beer, get into fights and hate foreigners. How much more British do you want to get?

“I’m voting to stay in the EU because I believe we can’t be trusted to spend our own money, make our own laws and stand on our own two feet.

“We need the likes of France, Turkey, Lithuania and Estonia to drive our economy forward, create jobs and produce wealth for the entire EU. OK, none of these countries have ever done that, but it’s the principle that counts.

“The Australians will vote to remain because they have a dynamic, successful economy and a sensible policy on immigration. Wait… that’s not right.”