Jonny Evans’ Shorter Spitting Ban Down to ‘Greater Spit Difficulty’

Disgusting behaviour

Jonny Evans spitting

It has been revealed that Jonny Evans received a shorter ban for spitting than Newcastle’s Papiss Cisse because of the added difficulty involved in the Manchester United defender’s attempt.

During an altercation in this week’s match between Newcastle United and Manchester United, Jonny Evans could be seen spitting from a distance of 1.5 metres. Toon forward Cisse managed to expel more liquid from his mouth, but at a distance of just two inches.

Simon Charnley of the Football Association believes that justice has been done.

“Spitting at a fellow football professional is a despicable act, but if players insist on doing it, it should be done with a degree of skill. Any hoodlum can spit point blank into someone’s face, but to do it from distance requires a level of precision that should be encouraged.

“Jonny Evans was able to gently arc his spit into the face of Cisse. During what was a frenetic encounter, such grace and composure needs to be recognised.

“To give Cisse some credit, he really got some serious gob on his opponent, and some of it was tinged with green, so that was impressive. However, we believed that Evans’ attempt was far more graceful, which is why we decided to give him a shorter ban.”

Tyrone Oliver from Ohio in the USA is the president of the International Spitting Federation (ISF), and he was pleased to see his sport getting the recognition he believes it deserves.

“Look, spitting gets a bad rap from time to time. But many lay people don’t realise the technique involved. Particularly when you’re spitting at a moving target, you need to show composure, balance and discipline. Mr Evans managed to demonstrate fantastic accuracy with his spit. He’s a complete natural.”

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