Liverpool Cheerleader Causes Chaos at World Championships

Legal action is underway


Liverpool’s new lead cheerleader, Leanne Potter, caused a stir at last month’s World Championships campaign after catching the eye of the American captain with a stray breast.

The incident occurred during the freestyle section of the championship and left Ruby Rae Jones needing emergency treatment at the scene. Several scuffles broke out amid chaotic scenes as security staff struggled to get the breasts under control.

Shocked onlooker, Sarah Tyler, explained what happened. “The British team were last up to perform.  We really didn’t give them much of a chance, so a lot of people were talking or leaving the arena. I’m not sure what the British contestant was trying to do, but it looked ugly.

“There were arms and legs and flesh everywhere. I thought she was wearing pyjamas but someone later told me she was wearing a Liverpool soccer shirt – apparently they’re a famous team. She then tried to do some sort of handstand and everything went wrong.

“She tripped and fell into the front row of the audience. I heard a scream and saw the captain of the American team holding her eye. There was a boob quite visible among the chaos, but I just couldn’t make out who it belonged to.

“It was then that fighting started. The British team were all from Liverpool and apparently they’re really rough.  They were biting and scratching and god knows where the bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale came from. It really was disgraceful.”

Leanne Potter recently won a public vote in Liverpool to find the club’s new cheerleader team.  She beat over four other contestants to become the new face of half-time entertainment at Anfield.