Four Teenagers from Bath Flee to Join Up with UKIP

Their parents have called for the Foreign Office to intervene


Just days after it was revealed that three teenage girls fled the UK to join up with IS, it has been revealed that four boys from Bath have fled to UKIP.

Although details are sketchy at present, it is thought that the boys were travelling to Reading, and that they could already be operating as UKIP representatives in London.

Simon Gallagher, Trevor Spencer, Marty Davison and Colin Pascoe left for school as normal this morning. They all told their parents they’d be back early afternoon, but all four had made plans to meet a UKIP representative in Reading.

There is concern that the boys paid their hander £1,000 each to escort them into the capital – and to their new life as a UKIP member.

The boys’ parents are frantic with worry, and they made a heartfelt plea for their boys to return.

Simon’s father Percival Gallagher said: “We understand that the lure of an evil organisation hell-bent on the destruction of a way of life appeals to your rebellious side, but this is just too much.

“UKIP grooms youngster from an early age – in its local offices, the local shops and outside schools. They have manipulated you into believing a warped and sick view of the world. You know the difference between right and wrong, so please come home.”

The local media and Thames Valley police have been asking for people to stay on the look out for the boys, who are all just 16. However, concerns are growing for the political future of the boys.

Inspector Graham le Saux of Thames Valley Police sent a personal message to the people of Reading: “These vulnerable boys were seduced by evil. They have had their political will snatched from them, so please do not blame these youngsters.

“We ask the general public not to approach the boys or their handler, as their xenophobic scaremongering could cause great distress without the proper training. We ask that you contact your local police station with any information you might have about the whereabouts of these boys.”

Prime Minister David Cameron also called for the safe return of the boys to their parents in Bath: “What we are seeing here is the pernicious will of UKIP being forced onto unwitting and vulnerable children.

“This ideology of fear that is espoused by UKIP is not going to work, and we have to tell our children that. We must not condemn our young people to a future of supporting a political party that will never get a sniff of power.”

“So, I send this message to those boys: ‘Return home to your families immediately. You have done nothing wrong. Your will has been manipulated by tyrants, terrorists and bigots, but you can choose another path’.”

Sadly, it is believed that all four boys have already pinned UKIP rosettes onto their clothing. It is also thought that at least two of the youngsters have been actively engaged in indiscriminate leafleting of innocent homeowners throughout the capital.