Bergerac to Join the DC Universe

The Avengers is about to get its newest member.



Just days after Disney announced that Spider-Man would be joining the Marvel Universe, Warner Bros has announced that 80s heartthrob detective Bergerac will join the Batman’s DC universe for a string of cross-over story-lines.

The mild-mannered detective will make a brief appearance in ‘Batman V Superman’, before starring in his own standalone movie entitled ‘Bergerac: Age of Brown Leather’. There are also rumours circulating that Bergerac will make a significant contribution in the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie.

John Nettles spoke of his delight at being able to bring back one of TV’s iconic characters of the 1980s:

“This is just fantastic. Of course, I’ll need a little help with the action scenes, as I’ve got a dodgy knee. It also takes me an average of 15 minutes to pee, but Warner Bros have been great. They said they will use a CGI version of me from 1983, so all I need to do is provide the voice.

“I don’t want to give anything away, but I know that the writers want Batman and Bergerac to become one of the classic superhero duos. They told me that they’re looking for a grittier Jersey-based detective this time around – someone not afraid to bend the rules when a different approach is needed.

“I’m also told that there will be a sexy love interest for Bergerac to get his teeth into. I’m hoping Wonder Woman, but it’s more likely to be Lois Lane – someone with a hidden past and a love of the arts.”

Insiders at Warner Bros have revealed that among Bergerac’s arsenal of weapons will be an explosive tweed jacket, a 1978 Jaguar and a pair of poison-tipped winkle pickers.

As news of the new addition to the DC universe broke, fans took to Twitter to vent their fury – and their happiness – at the news.

@jonnyt76: What the fuck is a Bergerac? I’ve checked 500+ comics, and no mention

@biglad1: John Nettles is about 103, and he’s supposed to support the Batman in his fight against crime?

@rioferdy1: Bergerac is rugged, handsome and edgy. Great news for film fans everywhere!

@biglipsonme: Get in! Jersey has been misrepresented and omitted from comic book action for too long!

@deelite4u: I thought John Nettles was dead!