Eastenders 40th Anniversary to Be Celebrated with a Week of No Eastenders

Eastenders to be given a week of celebrations by being taken off the air.



Following the huge success of the ‘who killed Lucy’ storyline’, Eastenders producers have announced plans to take the soap off the air for a week in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

Fans can look forward to an explosive week of boredom and feelings of emptiness when the BBC’s flagship show takes a break from our screens for a full seven days. David Percival is a producer on the show, and he thinks the idea is going to be a huge success.

“We were talking in the pub the other night about how we can top this week of live shows, and someone suggested that we should take the show off air for a week. We all agreed that it was a fantastic idea, and we were delighted when the senior executives agreed.

“We’re going to kick off the week in February 2025 with absolutely nothing on Monday, followed by a Graham Norton <a title=”Bergerac to Join the Batman Universe” href=”http://thedailytackle.net/bergerac-to-join-the-batman-universe/” target=”_blank”>Bergerac</a> special. There will be football on Tuesday, and we’ll look to put a generic daytime repeat on during the show’s Thursday night slot. There will then be a night of no Eastenders you won’t want to miss on Friday.

“We’ve talked the idea through with the cast, and they’re well up for it. They can’t wait to get stuck into a week of nothing to do. They are fantastic professionals, and they’re always striving to stretch themselves as actors. This is going to be a week to remember.”

The initial response from fans of Eastenders has been positive. Gladys Knox from High Wycombe is particularly looking forward to the week’s finale no show on Friday.

“I like to knit and watch Eastenders on a Friday night. He goes out to the pub, so I have the remote all to myself. Having no Eastenders on is an extra special treat for me. I just don’t know what I’ll watch. It’s very exciting.”

Not wanting to be upstaged, ITV has announced that Coronation Street will be taken off the air permanently in celebration of the show’s 60th anniversary celebrations.