‘Hello’ Was Inspired by Norris from Coronation Street, Admits Adele


Following days of speculation, Adele has finally admitted that her smash hit single ‘Hello’ was inspired by Corrie shopkeeper Norris Cole.

Adele ah been a massive fan of Coronation Street for many years, but it was busy body pensioner Norris who stole her heart.

Adele spoke of her love for the famous Corrie character in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine:

“I think it was Norris’ cardigans and tank tops that first did it for me. I used to imagine myself stroking his gorgeous bald head for hours upon hours. It was very erotic.

“I found myself fantasising about working side by side with Norris on the Kabin, and things just went from there. I wanted to write about what it would be like if me and Norris ran into problems.

“So, I got to work on ‘Hello’ with Norris as my inspiration. I think I have truly captured the essence of what our relationship might be like.

“It was tough writing this song, though. When I wrote the line ‘hello from the other side’, I was trying to tell the story of me being a customer in the Kabin instead of working on the other side of the counter. The whole experience was totes emosh.”

Adele also confirmed that there are songs on her new album ’25’ inspired by Bobby Ball, Alan Hansen and Nicholas Lyndhurst.