Redmayne Got My Accent All Wrong, says Prof Stephen Hawking

Get the fu** out of my garden, Justin Hawkins tells movie media.


Eddie Redmayne

‘The Theory of Everything’ star Eddie Redmayne has been accused of getting the electronic accent of Stephen Hawking ‘all wrong’ – by Hawking himself.

The famous astrophysicist, who has suffered with motor neurone disease for most of his life, was asked about Redmayne’s performance just minutes after the British actor received his Best Actor Oscar. Five hours later, Hawking’s reply arrived, and it surprised many.

“Eddie Redmayne is a fine actor, but I believe his version of my electronically created voice lacked manliness,” commented Hawking.

“The voice I control with a facial muscle is far more manly, and there is a definite Oxfordshire twang to it. Redmayne’s voice sounded a little girly to me. And it was definitely more Buckinghamshire than Oxfordshire. Having said that, I thought it was a decent effort.

“I can choose from several accents, including my own, American and Australian. I was tempted to jazz things up a few years ago with a Mumbai accent, but a close friend persuaded me that it might diminish my credibility in the astrophysics fraternity.

“Having a computer doing all your talking for you is actually quite cool. It means I don’t have to deal with the silly, ignorant and quite false misconceptions amongst Americans that everyone with a British accent is polite and quaint.”

Eddie Redmayne came from virtually nowhere to pick up the most sought-after prize in Hollywood, but he isn’t resting on his laurels. Rumours abound that the British Oscar winner is to challenge himself further by taking on the title role in an upcoming Katharine Hepburn biopic.