Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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An angry woman stares at the camera

Woman Who Refuses to Agree That EU is Undemocratic Believes Australia is Part of Britain

A woman in Dartford who refuses to believe the EU is an undemocratic superstate has taken to social media to insist that Australia belongs...
Tony Blair and George W Bush meet at The White House

Chilcot Report to Be Published in Full After Writers Agree on Twist Ending

The long-awaited report into the Iraq War from Sir John Chilcot will be published on July 6th after its writers finally agreed on a...
Pizza Hut store in the UK

Woman Being Arbitrarily Detained in Pizza Hut, UN Rules

A woman who has been waiting for a Large Pan Spicy Hot One for 40 minutes has been arbitrarily detained, a UN human rights panel...
Sebastian Coe

Seb Coe: There Was No Drugs Cover-Up, We Hid Them in a Drawer

Athletics boss Seb Coe has strenuously denied that widespread drug use and doping were covered up by the IAAF. And in a sensational twist, the...
England team singing the national anthem

Lily Allen’s F**k You Announced as the New English National Anthem

Following calls from leading MPs for England to have its own national anthem for sporting occasions, Lily Allen's F**k You has been chosen as...
Kanye West papped in the street

Music Fans in Mourning as Kanye West is Confirmed as Alive and Well

Music fans from around the world are today in mourning at the news of Kanye West's apparent good health. Social media was buzzing with news...
Old man, 100 years old

It Wasn’t Worth It, Says 97-Year-Old Teetotaller

A 97-year-old man in Peterborough has declared that 50 years of avoiding alcohol just wasn't worth the effort. Freddie Kyle gave up drinking when he...
Sunderland high street

Sunderland Named New City of No Culture

Sunderland has been named Britain's new City of No Culture. The city fought off stiff competition from Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry and Leeds for the title to win...
Man with fat belly

Fat Man Used for Obesity News Reports to Sue

The Nottingham-based office worker used by TV news channels to depict the UK's obesity crisis is to sue, it has been revealed. Timothy Walker, 41,...
A portrait of Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Resigns Over the Corbyn Reshuffle

Following a significant shadow cabinet reshuffle that led to at least three resignations with the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn has caused confusion and panic...
Jeremy Corbyn

Man Tries to Buy ‘Corbyn Reshuffle’ on iTunes

A confused man from Plymouth made several attempts to buy 'The Corbyn Reshuffle' on iTunes, it has been revealed. On the day that Labour leader...
A Muslim family in Britain

‘Brown People’ Banned from Travelling to the U.S.

Following several high-profile cases involving British Muslims being refused entry to the USA, the U.S. authorities have confirmed that 'brown people' will no longer...