55-Year-Old Cleaner Bob Named as New Miss Universe


Man in tiara

After a glamorous ceremony in a Las Vegas hotel, a hapless male cleaner scooped the top prize of Miss Universe after a case of mistaken identity.

The male host, who was seemingly distracted by the ‘sea of flesh’ he shared the stage with, announced that the winner of the world’s most prestigious beauty contest was Bob Travis – a 55-year-old cleaner with chronic dermatitis and a severe weight problem.

As gasps from the assembled crowd of over 5,000 filled the arena, Travis appeared to be in a state of shock as the winner’s crown was proudly placed on his head.

It wasn’t until the bewildered cleaner started to make an impromptu acceptance speech that the host realised his mistake.

Host Steve Harvey casually removed the crown from Travis’ head and placed it on the head of the actual winner, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Travis was philosophical about the confusion when he spoke to the world’s press afterwards.

“I was simply sweeping up at the back of the stage when I heard my name. I was trying to stay out of view, but I was called over by the host.

“I was in a state of shock when the crown was placed on my head. I was thinking that maybe the new skin creams I have been trying were finally paying off.”

Travis later confirmed that the episode has given him the ‘beauty bug’. He is expected to enter next year’s competition as a bona fide contestant.