7 Out of 10 London Children Want to Be a Striking Tube Driver When They Grow Up

A career in Tube driving is officially less demanding than signing on


London Underground train pulling into a station
Photo: Wikipedia

Just days after the chaos caused by the recent strike by Underground drivers, a survey has revealed that 7 out of 10 kids in Greater London want to be a striking tube driver when they leave school.

The survey conducted by education watchdog OFSTED also revealed that 10 percent of children in the capital think the London Underground is a nightclub in Ealing.

One youngster from Bethnall Green is hoping to be driving his first Tube train just days after he fails his GCSEs.

“Driving a train can’t be too difficult, innit,” said 16-year-old Spencer Griffiths from Bethnal Green.

“They just sit there and push buttons and stuff. I can sit for hours and hours, and I’ve had lots of experience pressing the buttons on my phone, innit.

“They get like a million a year or something, and they strike all the time, so I won’t miss Jeremy Kyle. I want to be like the head driver, with a hat and a uniform, innit.”

London Underground management are planning a major recruitment drive in schools throughout the capital. Taking advantage of the recent publicity the network has been getting, Underground bosses are trying to entice youngsters to a life on the rails with promises of a three-day week, flexi-time and a new uniform made by Burberry.

Underground management are trying to sweeten the deal for youngsters by drawing attention to the fact that driving a Tube train around London these days takes less time out of a working week than signing on.