Petition to Stop Annoying Online Petitions Started


Angry Man

Following several high-profile petitions in recent months, a petition has been started to stop people starting annoying petitions.

A recent petition to ban Donald Trump was signed half a million times, and another to ban Tyson Fury from appearing on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show received support from around 100,000 people.

After a slew of annoying posts on the timelines of Facebook users, the calls for a stop to militant liberal petitions aimed at banning everything from meat to heavyweight boxers became louder than ever. And it seems that one man from London has decided to make a stand.

Dickie Dixon from Dagenham has started a petition calling for an end to annoying petitions, and it has been signed by 2.5 million people in just four hours.

Dickie explained why he felt the need to take action:

“It got to the point when I couldn’t open up Facebook without being asked to sign a petition to ban someone. I signed one petition calling for a ban on gingers in the military, and it just grew from there.

“In just one week I was asked to support bans on side boobs, middle-aged men wearing hands-free earpieces in supermarkets and Crocs. It was getting a bit silly.

I decided to make a stand, so I started the petition to ban frivolous petitions. I’m over the moon that so many people are supporting me, but there have been 322 petitions started to get my petition taken down.”