Sunderland Named New City of No Culture


Sunderland high street

Sunderland has been named Britain’s new City of No Culture.

The city fought off stiff competition from Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry and Leeds for the title to win the accolade.

The award goes to the city or town that can demonstrate its total disregard for art, and the campaign team from Sunderland did a fantastic job at demonstrating the city’s ignorance in the areas of film, art, music and sculpture.

Campaign manager Jessica Keyes was delighted at the news.

“This is our reward for highlighting this city’s complete lack of artistic endeavour. We are proud of having no good museums, art galleries, music venues or notable artists.

“The people of Sunderland think Shakespeare was shit, and they have absolutely no time for the works of Charles Dickens. As for Pablo Picasso, we could only find three people in the entire city who’ve actually heard of him.

“Instead, we want to showcase our affinity with bad teeth, suspect kebabs and derelict buildings. We are proud to associate Sunderland with having absolutely no discernible culture.

“We will be closing more retail stores and opening more charity and betting shops to mark the occasion.”