This Picture is for the Plebs and Scroungers, Says Palace


A photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posing with George and Charlotte has been released to the press today, and the Palace insists that the plebs, scroungers and middle classes will appreciate it.

Following more than five years of austerity, global conflicts around the world and the death of Britain’s steel industry, the Royal Family hopes that the sight of the Cambridges relaxing in their palatial grounds just prior to a day of luxury will bring a little festive cheer into the homes of the working classes.

Daisy Dewhurst from Doncaster was over the moon with the Royal photo:

“I’ve got three quid to live on until Christmas Eve, so I was feeling a bit low. And my day was well and truly fucked up when my electricity was cut off.

“So, when the palace released this photo, you can understand my delight. It’s a shame that I can’t enjoy the Royal picture at night though, ‘cos my leckie is off. But I can do my bit for Queen and country between the hours of 8am and 4ppm every day until Christmas.”

Charles Du Bontford is on official Palace press officer, and he spoke of his excitement:

“We wanted to let the British people know that we are in this together. We know times are hard, so what better way to lift the spirits of the little people than to see four of the most beautiful and wealthy people in Britain enjoying time in opulent surroundings?”