Barack Obama Won’t Be ‘Bullied’ into Being a Politician

Barack Obama will continue to enjoy life as a celebrity.


Barack Obama

As Barack Obama approaches the final months of his Presidency, close friends and aides have insisted that the President will not be ‘bullied’ into being a politician.

Obama has been criticised lately for his lack of leadership and gravitas on the world stage. The President is known to prefer a round of golf to a round of talks on the Ukrainian crisis, but this news has come as a surprise to many nevertheless.

An anonymous source within the White House sought to clarify the President’s stance on this issue.

“President Obama does not and will not bow down to pressure from the media, the electorate or his peers. We won two General Elections without bringing politics into play, and we’re not about to start now.

“The President has absolutely no intention of becoming a politician so late in his time in office, and to ask him to do so is a betrayal to the millions of Americans who put him in office.

“Our strategy of making cinematic speeches with little substance to them has worked very well thus far, so we see no reason to change it now. And we certainly won’t be rocking the boat by making a meaningful contribution to foreign affairs at this late stage.

“President Obama wants to continue his important work with celebrities from around the world. There is still a great deal of work to do on social media, and we also believe the President has at least another three or four parody videos in him before he leaves the White House.

“We want President Obama’s legacy to be one of helping the famous and successful singers and actors in the world further their careers. There will be more posing with Michelle at celebrity dinners and a definite strengthening of the President’s position on the tee. He needs to follow through more with his driver.”

Barack Obama’s schedule was leaked by White House officials yesterday, and it outlines exactly what the President will be doing during his last months in office. Among his more high profile engagements will be an appearance on Saturday Night Live, a live sing-along with the newly reformed Back Street Boys and a stint on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother.