‘Brown People’ Banned from Travelling to the U.S.


A Muslim family in Britain

Following several high-profile cases involving British Muslims being refused entry to the USA, the U.S. authorities have confirmed that ‘brown people’ will no longer be able to gain entry to the country.

The news will come as a blow to thousands of Muslims in Britain who want to visit the likes of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando.

What constitutes a ‘brown person’ is not yet clear, but this latest move by the USA is certain to raise some eyebrows amongst civil rights groups and certain individuals within the British government.

An anonymous source with The Department of Homeland Security tried to explain this new policy.

“Everyone knows that Muslims are dangerous – this is not in dispute. As a country, we have a duty of care to keep our citizens safe, and this is exactly what we’re doing.

“Muslims bomb stuff, and they murder people, so why is everyone making such a fuss?

“Obviously, we can’t determine whether or not someone is a Muslim from our offices in the U.S., so we check names and faces. If someone is a light shade of brown or has an Arab-sounding name, they can’t come in.

“I can confirm that black people – whose skin is black or a very dark shade of brown – will still be allowed entry to the United States.

“While we can’t guarantee that certain people with particularly good suntans won’t be affected by these policy changes, we will do everything to ensure that law-abiding white folk get to enjoy their break here in the United States.”