UK Government Sends Strongly Worded Tweet to IS

David Cameron is rolling out the big guns in the fight against Islamic State


And angry David Cameron
Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

As part of the UK government’s no nonsense approach to dealing with Islamic State, Foreign Office officials have sent a strongly worded Tweet to the leaders of the terrorist organisation – calling for an ‘end to all this silliness’.

Amid growing calls for a harder line against the Islamist organisation, the government has clearly started to buckle under the pressure of public opinion. An initial Tweet calling for the cessation of human rights abuses was followed up with another asking for a ‘Christian’ approach to Islamic doctrines.

“@ISBastards let’s have an end to all this silliness in Iraq and Syria”

“@ISBastards while we respect the ancient religion of Islam, we believe a more ‘Christian’ approach is required”

Senior Foreign Office minister Terence Henderson MP believes that this tough stance on Islamic extremism will pay dividends.

“We have recently witnessed IS ramp up the executions and brutal depravity that defines their leadership. We we determined to take strong and very high-profile action, and we believe these Tweets are sending a clear message to the murderers and rapists in Syria and Iraq.

“Our concerted campaign of strongly worded emails has not had the desired effect. We have made numerous ‘friend’ requests on Facebook, most of which have gone unanswered. It’s just very rude.

“However, we believe that our new, hardline approach will be difficult to ignore. It is going to be very difficult for the genocidal leaders of IS to continue their butchery in the face of growing pressure on social media.

“Both the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister are determined to force these murderous brutes to the negotiating table. The time for talk is over. There can be no more negotiation on this issue.

“So I say to the leaders of IS this: ‘Stop your campaign of terror and get out of Syria and Iraq, or face the prospect of widening criticism and trolling on the likes of Instagram and Whatsapp’.”

Representatives of Islamic State were unavailable for comment today, but it is believed that the leaders of the terrorist group are taking this Twitter campaign seriously.

Prime Minister David Cameron has called a special C.O.B.R.A meeting to discuss ways of tackling the growing threat that IS poses to world security. Among the other proposals being considered are nuisance phone calls, a series of scathing parodies on YouTube and a charity show in Mosul hosted by Jim Davidson.