Fat Man Used for Obesity News Reports to Sue


Man with fat belly

The Nottingham-based office worker used by TV news channels to depict the UK’s obesity crisis is to sue, it has been revealed.

Timothy Walker, 41, is fed up that the likes of SKY News and the BBC News Channel always use his belly and love handles whenever there is a report on the risks posed by Britain’s obesity problem.

Walker has filed papers against Sky News, but he plans to take on three other news outlets over the coming months.

Speaking to assembled journalists outside a Nottingham court, Mr Walker was visibly angry.

“I have never once given any news channel or TV crew permission to use my belly, love handles or backside. The use of my person to depict a generic fat bloke in England is wholly unacceptable.

“I accept that my curves may be of interest to the media, but to continue to use them for news reports without my permission is tantamount to theft.

“I call on Sky News, the BBC and other news outlets to either refrain from using my belly as a health warning or agree to start paying royalties.”

An insider at Sky News said the channel would fight the legal action ‘vociferously’.

“We have a duty to report on the issues of the day, including health issues. We used Mr Walker’s belly as it represents the belly of millions of hard-working men in England.

“Mr Walker’s love handles, and the way his entire midriff hangs precariously over his waistline is an indictment on British society today.

“We believe that Mr Walker should be proud to be used as an example in this way, and we call for the immediate withdrawal of his claim.”