‘Mars One’ Mission to Decide Between Pinewood and Elstree Studios for Fake TV Pictures

Who will win the race to stage the faked Mars landings?


Mars One Mission

The great minds and intellect behind the ‘Mars One’ mission that aims to colonise the Red Planet will this week decide whether to film their fake landing in Pinewood and Elstree Studios.

The multi-billion dollar project to send a group of people on a one-way mission to Mars hit funding and planning issues 12 months ago, so an elaborate scheme to fake the journey was hatched in its place. Pinewood and Elstree have little under a week to make their cases before a final decision has to be made.

David Donaldson is one of the senior American engineers for the Mars One project, and he is looking forward to arriving in England for the trip.

“We’ve been planning make up, costume and set design for several months now, so we’re keen to get started on production. Setting up something of this magnitude takes a great deal of planning and talent – just ask those Apollo guys.

“We’re in the final stages of the selection process, but we’ve managed to keep things quiet. None of the finalists for the mission know that they won’t actually be travelling to Mars. I just hope they aren’t too disappointed when they find out they’ll be spending most of their time in a Travelodge at junction 43 of the M25”

The bookmakers have Elstree Studios as the clear 1/2 favourite to win the rights to film the Mars landings in 10 years time.