Budweiser to Be Served in Dressing Rooms During Premier League Matches


Man drinking Budweiser

Following the announcement of a ‘strategic alliance’ between the makers of Budweiser and The Premier League, it has been revealed that the world’s biggest selling beer will be the new half-time drink of choice for players.

The British tradition of tea at half time may be under threat as the Premier League revealed players will be allowed to consume up to four bottles of Bud during league ties.

Budweiser also plans to lay on kebabs and burgers for players after each game.

The news has drawn a mixed response from the football world but the Premier League are sticking by the new initiative.

“You won’t see players brawling in the dressing room at half-time,” explained an FA spokesman. “We will be controlling consumption and will be providing bouncers – just in case. We want the players to enjoy their drink responsibly and to share in our fantastic marketing agreement with Budweiser, the beer of champions.”

However, several medical experts have criticised the decision.

“We agree that the players probably deserve a few beers at half-time,” explained a Harry Tavelock from ‘Keep Britain Sober.’

“We argue that with such a shift in footballing culture, the consumption of a premium strength beer at this stage may be unwise. We would back the consumption of a lower strength beer such as Kestrel, Skol or Castlemaine XXXX.”

Gazza, pictured left,  at half-time during Middlesbrough’s home tie with Leicester in 1998.  He went on to score a second half winner that day.

Former Newcastle and Tottenham legend, Paul Gascoigne, welcomed the initiative.

“I’ve been talking about doing this for most of my career. I used to sneak a few beers in at half-time but I would miss team talks, drinking in the toilets. If beer was available, I wouldn’t have missed team talks.”

The FA also revealed that the scheme may be extended to FA Cup games during the 2016-2017 season when Jack Daniels takes over as sponsor from Emirates. A Chelsea insider has told us that the club plans to install extra urinals in the changing room along with a new sound system and dj stand.

Meanwhile, Millwall players will require hand stamps and smart shoes to enjoy a cold, refreshing half-time Bud.