Shola Ameobi Launches New Skills School for Kids


Shola Ameobi

Former Newcastle United striker, Shola Ameobi, has launched a brand new unorthodox football skills project, aimed at reaching out to the local community.

‘Shola’Z GolaZ’ aims to get the youth of the north east using parts of the body not normally utilised during the normal course of a game of football. New moves such as ‘Wally Volley’, ‘Bot Shot’ and ‘Crack Attack™’ are being taught to youngsters in schools and football clubs in and around Newcastle.

A source close to the former toon star is confident Ameobi’s skill school will be a huge success. “Shola struggled for years to get his legs and feet to do what his brain wanted them to,”explained lifelong friend, Simon Taylor. “He would constantly be tripping over his own feet, scuffing shots and kicking air.

“It was during a home match about eight years ago when Shola rose majestically to meet a cross with his head and scored with the lower part of his right ear. Her suddenly realised that as long as hands and arms aren’t used, there were no limits.

“It was like an epiphany for him. Within weeks he was banging in a goal every eight games with his thigh, lower back, upper thigh – you name it! He gained cult status at St James’ Park and quickly began to catch the eye of Hull City. Hull are a massive club, but Shola’s heart was in Newcastle, so he signed a new contract and decided to give the local kids the chance to share in the magic.

“We are innovators and are constantly looking at new skills and ways of improving the experience. Shola has developed a long punt, we just can’t think of catchy rhyme to brand it with – watch this space!”

‘Shola’Z Gola’Z’ tours schools and concentrates on honing skills with repetition. Kids are encouraged not to use their feet, instead relying predominantly on the shin, heel, thigh and buttocks. Such is the success of Shola’Z GolaZ, one talented pupil can perform over one hundred ‘keep-ups’ with only the back of his head and lower back.