Clearing Jammed Paper in Printers Added to A-Level Physics Curriculum


angry man deals with printer jam

After several calls from prominent head teachers, office managers and printer manufacturers, clearing paper jammed in everyday printers is to be taught as part of the A-Level Physics curriculum.

While the news has been broadly welcomed by the teaching profession, some teachers are concerned that they lack the necessary skill and knowledge to teach the subject effectively.

An anonymous spokesperson from within the Department for Education revealed why the inclusion was necessary.

“All over the UK, young adults are suffering from the stress and anxiety caused by paper jams in everyday, office printers.

“As a government, we have a duty of care where office stress is concerned, so we want to be able to give school leavers the necessary skills to free up paper jams without injury or metal suffering.”

Sally Tomlinson from Blackburn works in a builder’s office, and she believes this move by the government could have saved her from a nervous breakdown three years ago.

“It was a Monday morning like any other. My boss was feeling me up, and I had a stotting hangover. Just the typical stuff.

“Anyway, I decided to print off a letter of complaint, but halfway through the print I heard this blood-curdling crunch. The sight of the tangled paper will haunt me until the day I die.

“I immediately began wrestling with the offending piece of A4, but instead of the paper slipping nicely and neatly out of the jaws of death, little bits kept ripping off. After a minute or so, there was more paper stuck in the printer than I’d started with.

“I now regret throwing the printer out of the window. I’m just glad that the gentleman has now fully recovered from his head injuries.

“I did A-Level Physics, and my life could have been very different if paper unjamming was part of the curriculum. I’m now living on benefits, and I receive counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder every other Thursday.”