Microsoft’s UNDO Function Hailed as the Greatest Achievement of 20th Century


Awards Dinner

Microsoft Word’s ‘UNDO’ feature has beaten competition from the aeroplane, the jet engine and the personal computer to become the world’s Greatest Technological Achievement of the 20th Century.

At a special award ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York, the UNDO facility was bestowed the honour in front of a jubilant audience of world leaders and dignitaries.

One British diplomat spoke of the relief felt in the room as the winner of the UN’s special award was announced.

“We were all holding our breath when President Obama opened the golden envelope. The British contingent were praying that bastard Steven Jobs wasn’t going to be honoured posthumously. The relief was palpable.

“How many times have you wiped your entire document with a wayward keystroke, only to breathe a sigh of relief when you remember that the UNDO function is there to save your arse?

“How many times have you selected Arial Bold instead of the standard Arial, shouted ‘balls’ at the top of your voice, then smugly clicked the UNDO icon? We’ve all benefitted from this wonder of the modern age, and it’s only right that it should be honoured in this way.”

But as the after-dinner parties continued long into the night, controversy rumbled in the corridors of power. It is our understanding that both the ‘swipe to unlock’ on the iPhone and the CE button on the modern calculator were ‘overlooked’ by the selection panel. One furious tech blogger vented his anger at the omissions.

“What the f*** are these people on! I remember having to press a button to unlock my phone. I also remember being forced to punch a four-digit code in. Whether you are having a shit or making love, you can access your messages, emails and missed calls with a simple flick of your thumb! If that’s not worthy of recognition, I don’t know what is.”